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About The College

T & T College was founded in 1965 as per the T & T board is decision to establish a college to ensure quality education through holistic approach. True to its motto, T & T College is now growing strength to strength with more and more students joining in it. Ever since the inception of its journey, it strove to combine talent with technology, theory with practice and hard labour with innovation in its teaching technique so that the students potentiality is fully utilized.

The magnificent campus of T & T College is situated in Motijheel. Even though it is in the commercial area, the campus exhibits abundance of greenery. Many students enroll here for its wonderful site. As the highway routes are nearby, T & T College is rich with many students coming from the outer part of the city also. T & T College stands upright with other best colleges in the town since it confirms best education held in a very pleasant ambience.

T & T College has made a major commitment to academic excellence. More than 60 highly qualified and experience lecturers, demonstrators and librarians are constantly functioning to advance the class of education and maintaining a favorable air the learners in the college campus. The College has a well decked big library loaded with more than 5000 books including the books prescribed in the new syllabus.

T & T College is currently offering more then 10 subjects for humanities group, 5 for business studies group, and 5 for science group for H.S.C level. Besides compulsory Bengali and English, most of the subjects for B.A / B.S.S / B.Sc / B.B.S classes are also offered here.

The distinction and the brilliance of the institute brought T & T College the honor of affiliation of University College under the National University. The T & T University College authority as well as BTCL authority is always careful to develop the quality of education and to establish its professional status. The Goal of the institution is to help the students to build up themselves as a good citizen of country with punctuality and discipline. The progress is already witnessed from numerous quarters of educational colonies.

Students enroll in 4 years of B.B.A in Management and B.S.S in social work honors course in this college. Marketing, Finance and Banking, Political science and Islamic history & culture for honors course will be approaching shortly.