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Activities and responsibilities

Board/University exam without any logical cause:

One will have to pay 10Tk.as fine for each days absence. Class teachers/Guide teachers will have to make a list of the students who are absent, irregular and inattentive. Guide teachers will show it to the Principal every month. The Principal will take necessary steps against them, reporting their parents . Parents must submit an application to the principal mentioning a significant and valed reason for remaing absent. The Principal will take appropriate measures .

Selection criteria for the exam and promotion :

For the H.S.C students, students will be promoted to the class x11 based on the result of the 1st year final exam. He/She is allowed finally for the board exam based on the result of test exams.

For Degree (pass) & honours students , students will be allowed to sit for the final exam of National University, each year based on the result of college year final exam.

Tutorial exam :

For the H.S.C class , the syllabus have been arranged in 4 semesters, two of them for the 1st year while other two semesters for the 2nd year . All of the students of 1st and 2nd year have to attend at least two tutorial exams in each month on each subject before the semester exams.

Special Coaching & Model test :

Excellent arrangment of special coaching conducted by the well skilled and well experienced professors ensures the best of preparation to H.S.C examinees.

Information Related to Result:

The final result sheet will be prepared for each year by adding 100 marks ( Theoritical 80, tutorial 20) of 1st semester exam as well as 100 marks (Theoritical 80, tutorial 20) of 2nd semester exam. Students getting poor marks (failed), no marks, will be allowed to the later class/year.

Information Related to paying Fee :

The tution fee of the college must be paid within 10th day day of the month. Tk.10 must be paid as fine for late fee payment . Failure of paying the tution fee for successive 3 months will be the cause of cutting out of name. In this case , one has to include his/her name once again only after paying the re-admission fees which is equivalent to the amount of one months tution fees.